The Pleasure Chest Hosts Tristan Taormino's Birthday Bash

May 13, 2016 3:05 PM PST

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Tristan Taormino hosted a wild, naughty and very fun birthday bash at the Pleasure Chest last night — and sex celebs showed up in droves to join in all the festivities.

At the beginning of the event, organizers had three rows of chairs set up, which soon became five — then there was standing room only. The whole thing was caught on tape to air on Tristan’s radio show, “Sex Out Loud.”

YouTube sensation Gaby Dunn kicked off the party by reading a story of witchcraft and sex. (How’s that for a titillating way to start things off?) Then she talked about one of her teen adventures when she and a friend became obsessed with the same boy. Now, that could have turned into something pretty juicy… but she left it at that. 

Transgender adult star Buck Angel spoke about being in New Orleans with Taormino and Angel’s ex-wife on their way to a party. Suddenly, flashing lights were behind him. He said he thought to himself, “It can’t be a cop, I haven’t done anything wrong,” and kept driving trying to lose the cop, and in the process made a left turn. Finally, Taormino and Angel’s ex-wife yelled, “Stop the car!” He did. The cop peered into the open window demanding his license and registration. 

“What did I do, officer?” Angel asked.

“You made a left turn without using a signal. Get out.”

“But he just made the left turn,” Taormino and the ex-wife shouted from inside the car.

The cop said, “You’re my last person tonight — and you’re going to jail.”

He was searched, asked a question about his identity, and feared he’d be raped if he were put in a cell with a bunch of men. “I’m a transsexual man,” Angel told them. But they thought he said homosexual man. Well, thank God for that! They wound up putting him in a cell with some whore and a harmless, little old man, Angel said. 

He got out of jail the next day and said he’d never forget this incident. Obviously, neither did Taormino because she remarked, “I always use my left-hand turn signal, now!”

Porn star Joanna Angel was next. She met Taormino at a panel on feminism and pornography where Taormino was a panelist. She read Taormino’s book, “The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women” and was inspired to demonstrate it on camera. Naughty girl!

Before becoming a porn star, Joanna Angel was a stripper, and went by the name “Tristan” in honor of the birthday girl, she said.

Next came a game show with mystery guests, Lynn Comella, an associate professor of gender and sexuality studies from Las Vegas, and her friend “Cindi” all the way from Melbourne, Australia. The game was titled “How much do you know about Tristan?” Sexpert Elle Chase and Jane Ward, a professor of gender and sexuality studies at University of California Riverside, were also on the panel.

One question was “What famous author is Tristan related to?” The answer was: Thomas Pynchon, the prolific author of “Inherent Vice” and many other popular books. Another interesting question was: “What was the first sex writing she did?” Turned out it was her college senior thesis. The topic? “Butch-femme relationships.”

The finale of the evening came with prizes for some lucky attendees who were sitting on chairs with bows taped to their undersides. A gift box of toys and some gift certificates donated by the Pleasure Chest were given out. The other “booby prize” was an envelope with instructions to spank Taormino for her birthday, after which others joined in on the fun.

The night was filled with wine, cupcakes, stories, spanks and laughter. Everyone had a blast.

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