Music in Porn: An Insider's View

Jul 7, 2016 9:19 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — Noted adult director and founder of, Angie Rowntree, recently penned an insightful look at the connections between two of the most powerful forces in entertainment media — music and porn — revealing something that the adult industry knew all along: porn rocks!

While there has been no lack of connectivity between musicians and porn stars, especially those that are part of “the L.A. scene,” in her thoughtful piece for Huffington Post entitled “Music And Adult Films: An Underappreciated Relationship,” Rowntree laid out  several details of the musical component of adult filmmaking, noting that “Just as much as dialogue, plot and character development, music impacts our perception of a film’s meaning and its prevailing mood.”

Rowntree outlined how music affects our understanding and enjoyment of a film.

“I’ll go so far as to say many of the most popular movies in the history of film would not have achieved the success they did, were it not for their powerful, well-matched soundtracks,” Rowntree wrote. “Try to imagine Jaws without the signature John Williams riff which flows forth at key moments, a simple motif which centers on two alternating notes, later swelling to a frantic crescendo right as the film’s monstrous star prepares to strike another victim.”

Rowntree casts a nod to the stereotype of background music in porn, but contrasts this perception with the realities of the efforts made by top producers to go beyond simply eliciting arousal from the viewer.

“If you want to offer more than just visual titillation, paying attention to the musical aspect and taking the time to score your scene or movie can make a huge difference, both artistically and commercially,” Rowntree says. “With music you can take your viewer on a compelling journey.”

Rowntree notes that music resources are abundantly available online, from royalty-free music libraries to forums where composers and musicians post their willingness to work for affordable rates, making a good soundtrack available to producers at every level.

“There’s another benefit to music which has nothing to do with helping your film flow better, communicate emotion and build tension,” Rowntree concluded. “It also gives you a second layer of protection against copyright infringement — but that’s an article for another day.”

Clearly, we have not heard the last about the marriage of music and porn.

The full article can be read here.

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