Girlfriends Films Joins 'Free Porn Day' on Sept. 8

Jul 27, 2016 9:53 AM PST

VALENCIA, Calif. — Girlfriends Films has announced that when viewers go online Sept. 8 to take part in Free Porn Day, its original all-girl film productions will be on the list of adult movies to choose from.

According to a recent press release, the event led by Evil Angel and Gamma Entertainment will feature dozens of prominent adult membership and VOD sites “unlocked” for 24 hours, allowing fans to experience members-only areas and see what they’ve been missing.

Moose, president of Girlfriends Films, says he hopes porn tube viewers will be watching. “This is a tremendous opportunity to show people who would normally spend time searching for free porn what we’re all about,” Moose said. “Sure, you can get by watching snippets or a trailer of any adult movie. But true fans of adult entertainment who haven’t seen a feature from Girlfriends or B. Skow, they are in for a virtual feast — something really and truly good, and maybe even something they didn’t expect.”

Recently, reviewer “The Bob” of had such an experience with a review of his first B. Skow production, "Creampie Virgin," which he described as a “fantastic storyline with a viable plot [surrounding] four well shot scenes… a truly enjoyable film that I can't recommend highly enough.” 

In addition to "Creampie Virgin," viewers participating in Free Porn Day will have the opportunity to watch other top-rated B. Skow porn comedies like, "The Switch," along with titles from his roster of award-winning series such as "Sexually Explicit," "Sex Footage" and "Beautiful New Faces." Also available for free viewing will be scenes from the Girlfriends Films vast library of lesbian adult films by director and Girlfriends Films founder Dan O’Connell. Titles will include several critically acclaimed and award-winning series like "Wet for Women," "Mother-Daughter Exchange Club," "Road Queen," "Lesbian PsychoDramas," "Twisted Passions" and the most awarded adult film series of all time — "Women Seeking Women."

According to Moose, it is Dan O’Connell’s unique style of filmmaking that was instrumental in putting Girlfriends Films on the map as "the top lesbian adult film studio."

“He really is twisted with his storytelling and the fans love it," Moose said. "Once you get drawn into the storyline it’s hard not to watch. He’s created this whole fictitious world where lesbian sex is rampant. He makes you want to come back and see what’s going to happen next. That’s why [Dan] has such a huge following. The only thing more hardcore than our movies is our fan base.” 

To all the tube viewers out there, the Girlfriends Films president offered a bit of advice on their upcoming Free Porn Day experience. “Be careful what you wish for, and what you watch," he said. "You just might get hooked.”

Girlfriends Films encourages fans, friends, colleagues and new viewers to join the Free Porn Day fun on social media by using the hashtag #FreePornDay to spread the word about this fantastic online event taking place Sept. 8. For more information, visit the official Free Porn Day website.

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