Trump Signs Pledge to Crack Down on Porn If Elected

Aug 1, 2016 2:03 PM PST

NEW YORK — In a development that could sway stakeholders in the industry, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump signed a pledge two weeks ago stating he would aggressively enforce existing laws that prevent the sexual exploitation of children, including federal obscenity laws, child pornography laws and sex trafficking laws.

Trump, in the signed pledge authored by Enough Is Enough, also said he would make prosecution of such laws a top priority for his hand-selected U.S. attorney general and appropriate necessary investigative resources to get probes up and running.

The nonprofit Enough Is Enough, in its mission statement, said it continues to work on advocating against illegal porn and its link to sexual exploitation.

Enough Is Enough, while its focus is on illegal porn, is no stranger to the commerciall pornography industry, which primarily distributes legal erotica material within the bounds of the First Amendment.

The group, founded in 1992, launched a campaign in 2014 that encouraged McDonald's and Starbucks to start filtering free Wi-Fi service to prevent customers from viewing porn in their restaurants. In the past month, both McDonald's and Starbucks caved into the internet safety advocacy group’s demands.

In addition to aggressively enforce obscenity laws, Trump, in the pledge, agreed to advance public policies to weed out harmful material and “give serious consideration to appointing a presidential Commission to examine the harmful public health impact of Internet pornography on youth, families and the American culture and the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children in the digital age.”

The pledge, signed by Trump on July 16, also would “establish public-private partnerships with Corporate America to step up voluntary efforts to reduce the threat of the Internet-enabled sexual exploitation of children by the implementation of updated corporate policies and viable technology tools and solutions.”

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