WankzVR Releases Threesome Scene With Abella Danger and Yhivi

Aug 26, 2016 8:05 AM PST

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has announced today’s release of its newest title, “Director’s Cut,” featuring Abella Danger and Yhivi.

According to the company, “Director’s Cut” is a VR sex experience that takes the user behind the scenes of a real-life porn set by placing them in the role of a porn director. The premise begins when the male performer calls in to cancel his shoot and the VR user, acting as director, must fill in at the last minute.

“Director’s Cut” is the latest in a series of WankzVR porn scenes including “Dear Diary: Jackpot!” and “Bang Delta Pi” that features threesomes as the sexual climatic focal point.

WankzVR’s lead video editor, Teekay, says that threesomes are well suited to VR because it allows content creators to make use of all that extra free VR space.

“If it’s filmed correctly, the presence of two porn stars working in sexual tandem with each other serves to further stimulate the user,” Teekay explains. “You’ve got to look at it this way: Everything happens from the point of view of the user, so there are many combinations of sex acts that can be happening at the same time to not only engage the user, but also open up their eyes to the true immersive power and potential of VR porn.”

“Adding in another girl also gives us the opportunity to tell more of a story as well,” Teekay says. “As I said before, if executed correctly, threesome sex in VR also raises the intimacy level when both girls know how to work off each other, taking cues from each other — it’s essentially team work.”

Teekay notes that the company endured its share of bumps in the road in the beginning as WankzVR’s unique shooting style developed organically, stating “We had to pretty much learn on the spot, but things inevitably have to evolve.”

“For example, a common user criticism in the beginning was ‘we need more close-ups, get closer,’ [and] we realized girls were too far away, so we took heed and listened. People complain when one girl gets more time on the dick than the other, so after finding a balance, it just got better and better as we incorporated more bells and whistles into our threesome scenes. After awhile, it just became natural,” Teekay explains. “One girl is riding and the other girl is playing with a nipple or kissing you so she’s not dead weight. It’s standard non-VR stuff too, just with extra VR elements like kissing and close-ups added into the mix of possibilities.”

A preview of the scene is available here.

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