xHamster Releases 2016 Porn Data

Dec 29, 2016 9:14 AM PST

CYPRUS — Adult tube site xHamster has released a comprehensive survey of porn viewership in 2016, using data from more than 2 billion visits.

xHamster said that over the next few days, the adult site will release stats on everything from the top search terms to most requested stars to the countries with the highest percentage of female viewers.

The tube site said that its viewers watched over 1.8 billion hours of video this year.

Here are a few of xHamster’s conclusions released today:

  • The most visited for category in 2016 was "matures" — women in their 40s and 50s.
  • Porn star Mia Khalifa topped this year's list of most searched for star, but "mature" Nina Hartley wasn't far behind! 
  • Searches for porn with "Hillary Clinton" (83,800) were nearly double those for "Donald Trump" (39,200) — but “Melania” beat them both.
  • Thailand boasted the greatest staying power of any country in the world. The shortest was Colombia. 
  • Italy liked blowjobs best, Filipinos want up-skirt videos and the British love to watch public sex.  
  • The most searched for food of the 2016 was cucumbers

The first part of the survey, focused on data culled from worldwide viewing habits in 2016, is available on the xHamster blog today. Additional updates will come Friday and Monday. 

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