Offers 'Reimagined Voyeur Experience'

Jan 9, 2017 6:00 AM PST

CYBERSPACE — Barron Innovations Ltd. today rolled out its newest site,, an adult entertainment portal offering “the best live shows and a totally reimagined voyeur experience.”

Promoted by affiliate program PussyCash, was developed with the cooperation between John and his girlfriend Kira (@JohnAndKira). also includes games, recorded content and a rewarding social community.

“The experience introduces users to an entirely new interactive set of capabilities,” a Barron Innovations spokesman said. “First is the ‘Scan Cam,’ a mechanism created to scan the endless, chaotic world of webcams. Users get a rotating multi-feed display of almost accidental (while at the same time, the most intriguing) cam rooms, from where they can easily tap into live action.

“Secondly, is enhanced by the groundbreaking concept of the ‘Social Feed’ — where the most interesting scans are shared by the community members in real time, so that users can instantly navigate to the hottest webcam moments happening right now.”

Two other features of the experience are "Get a Ride" and "KeyHole Cams," the spokesman said.

“As users scan the world of live streams using technology and enjoy free content, they are also able to watch top-rated sex shows almost for free, using the ‘Get a Ride’ feature, where someone else pays the bulk of the cost for the action. offers users a sort of hidden camera experience,” he said. “Not every person seen on webcam knows the cam is currently streaming — those seeking funny webcam bloopers or bizarre scenes will love ‘KeyHole Cams.’ Expect the unexpected.”

PussyCash is promoting with a $3-per-lead program. A video clip teaser of the site is available here.

Barron Innovations’ spokesman said that the site is the first in a series of domain-branded concepts, with many more to come.

To promote contact For information on Barron Innovations' domain-branded concepts, email or call (+1) 7183608090.


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