Politician Tries to Win Back Domain That Now Advertises Porn

Feb 15, 2017 9:37 AM PST

COSTA MESA, Calif. — This story is an ever-repeated one: Politician gives up his domain and then to his dismay finds it taken over by an entrepreneur (or nemesis) attempting to capitalize on its past popularity.

Costa Mesa Councilman Allan Mansoor last week filed a federal complaint in attempt to retake control of his former domain name — AllanMansoor.com — which he alleges was hijacked and re-purposed for adult advertising. He claims the suit is tarnishing his reputation.

The unnamed John Doe defendant that he is suing has turned AllanMansoor.com into Allan’s Adult Reviews, with appraisals by “Allan.” The reviews come with links that direct to adult films.

“Allan,” the suit said, reviews such films as “Real Wife Stories,” “Brazzers Vault,” “Backroom Facials” and “Ass Parade.”

Mansoor started up AllanMansoor.com to win over constituents and build relationships in 2002, ahead of his first city council bid. He maintained the domain after he was elected to the council and in the state Assembly.

The suit claims that an unknown party took control of a website bearing Mansoor's name after his domain registration expired in 2015. He claims that he didn't receive a renewal notice and the domain name lapsed without his knowledge.

The suit doesn’t indicate who the John Doe, but states that the alleged hijacking could be for "retribution."

A Republican, Mansoor has "been outspoken on many controversial public issues," the suit said. "There are many people, known or unknown, who would like to embarrass him as retribution for his public actions.”

Mansoor, in the suit filed at Santa Ana federal court, said that the site currently tarnishes his reputation “and the goodwill he has fostered in the community at large.”

“The ‘Allan’s Adult Reviews’ website includes multiple buttons stating ‘Join for just $1 — Click Here!’ The buttons link to various pornographic websites that are the subject of one of ‘Allan’s’ reviews,” the suit said.

“Plaintiff is informed and believes that defendants are compensated by the pornographic websites whenever someone views the review, clicks the join button and/or joins the pornographic website," the suit said. "Defendants’ operation of the ‘Allan’s Adult Reviews’ website … is inconsistent with the public image plaintiff has built in more than 10 years’ of public service.”

The suit seeks an order transferring back the name to Mansoor, as well as damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

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