TroubleFilms Debuts Chelsea Poe's 'Queer Porn Americana'

Apr 25, 2017 2:14 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — TroubleFilms has announced the release of "Queer Porn Americana," performer Chelsea Poe’s directorial debut, which is now for sale. The film was featured in New York City, Chicago, Providence, London and Tokyo, before its release.

Available for purchase at, 50 handmade seven-inch "collectible pornos" are on sale, with the added bonus of a free immediate digital download of the film in HD.

Starring Tiffany Starr, Crona Valentine, Marina Lee and Kelly Quell, the film visits places like Chicago, Las Vegas and Grand Rapids “to capture just a tiny slice of what queer sex is like all over the country,” according to Poe.

The film was finished in the Bay Area and sports an "all-queer soundtrack" throughout the film. Courtney Trouble was the editor, and contributed a musical track.

"Queer Porn Americana" is available as a download only at and will be syndicated to affiliate VOD sites shortly.

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