Video: Releases 'Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody' Trailer

May 25, 2017 1:44 PM PST

BURBANK, Calif. — has released the trailer of “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody,” the big-budget series that will debut tomorrow.

The four-part “Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody” features Johnny Rapid in the place of mainstream actor Johnny Depp, who stars in the Disney versions.

Shot on location in Ibiza and Florida, 'Pirates' also includes performances by Diego Sans, Paddy O’Brien, Gabriel Cross, Jimmy Durano, Colton Gray and Teddy Torres. The parody was produced and directed by Marc MacNamara and Alter Sin.’s synopsis for the film said: “Diego Sans finds himself in need of a ship. But what should’ve been a simple commandeering ends with him locked in a cell below deck. The ever- curious Johnny Rapid strikes up a conversation with the pirate and learns of a foreboding future that only Diego can help with. Johnny thanks him the best way he knows how.”

“In my opinion, love and sex by definition is wild and untamed; so, don't control it. Let it be,” the parody’s producer, MacNamara, said. “That's what we did for ‘Pirates’ — we went back to basics and created a world where masculinity and men were free to be savage. As crew, we had to be fearless ourselves to capture the primitive style of the movie.

"As I was struggling to stay afloat in the ice-cold waters, miles offshore with an underwater camera tied to my waist, I knew we were capturing something special — or that I was going to be shark bait," he said. "We jumped off cliffs, balanced on the edge of jagged caves and worst of all ate fast food as that's all that was open at our 4 a.m. wrap times. We set aside our blood, sweat, tears and fears and are extremely excited to take you into our courageous world of pirates.”

The gay parody premieres on in conjunction with the Hollywood opening of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.”

The trailer can be viewed here.



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