On the Set: All-Star G/G Circus Orgy Proves 'Jessica Drake Is Wicked'

Jun 16, 2017 3:32 PM PST

LOS ANGELES — Wicked Pictures kingpin Brad Armstrong and his dearly beloved, Jessica Drake, the Sorceress Supreme of adult entertainment, have co-created what is destined to be a showcase for the ages, in the boundaries-shattering “Jessica Drake Is Wicked.”

What a glorious fucking extravaganza!

And what an apt title … for if Armstrong is the studio’s beating heart, then Drake is surely its very soul … its vibrant intellect and its steel-wrought backbone. She is its body, its mind and its mainstream crossover appeal. She is its most prized symbol of supremacy.

She is, without a doubt, Wicked.

Lesser mortals may lay claim to satirical godhood, to caricature-like renditions, yet Drake burns with authentic majesty.

And together, this charismatic duo positively bursts at the seams with enviable talent, acting virtuosity, screenwriting chops, culture-shifting sexpert dynamism and heaps of production credibility.

Just ask the highest echelons of rival studios, or seek out the wise counsel of camera wizards Barrett Blade and Alex Ladd — whose XBIZ Award-winning skills grace “Jessica Drake Is Wicked” — and you will find universal acclaim for the veritable force of nature that is Armstrong and Drake ... that is Wicked … on the most existential, marrow-deep levels.

They are widely liked. They are widely admired. They are widely respected.

And why is that?

Because here … there is no sideshow fakery, no marketing quackery anchoring wagons to a barnacle-laden shipwreck … concealing vapid imagination behind enigmatic shrouds and touch-ups … there is no coasting on comically overhyped, inherited legacies, no coveting of bizarrely edited, backwater-bayou-worthy awards show programming, buried in the afterhours ghoulishness of the lowest rungs of TV streaming … foisted upon a miniscule viewership by a freak show menagerie of lewd bridge trolls, parrot-loving walruses, pugilist midgets, glad-handing squirrels, shrill cat ladies and street crones … by the rotting albatross of yesterday’s news, collapsing like a pockmarked tent with nary a carny moneylender on the horizon to swoop in as a savior … taking suckers for a ride like P.T. Barnum.

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen.

This is Harry fucking Houdini.

Unmasking vaudeville hoaxes.

Commanding spotlights to zero in, on superior cinematic bloodlines. 

Behold, how Drake and Armstrong shrewdly crooked their fingers, beckoning the XBIZ ringleaders to take their pick of the purebred showcase litter. And my, what a difficult choice! With scenes like … a high-fashion trans shoot, a business-themed BBC blowbang, a biblical paradise pairing and a tattooed-lovers-on-schoolteacher episode … all offered like prime cuts for an exclusive first dibs, only the collective stardom of Angela White, Anikka Albrite, Abella Danger, Vicki Chase and Brandy Aniston, cavorting in a scintillating Sapphic bonanza, tipped the hand to that most storied of opening acts.

So it was, that on a most auspicious Saturday morning, in a cavernous warehouse studio beyond the verdant hills of Los Angeles and hidden gemlike in the belly of an industrial valley, “Jessica Drake Is Wicked” heaved a mighty gauntlet upon the concrete, daring other contenders to outperform it for the coveted 2018 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year trophy.

Dolled up and dressed to the nines in a pixie-like assortment of lacy frills and glittery makeup, Drake tilted her head to the side, fastening a bejeweled ornament to her slender neck.

“This is Day One of ‘Jessica Drake Is Wicked,’” she told XBIZ. “It’s my big showcase. I’ve waited for years to shoot this movie. I was going to shoot it at the beginning of the year, but I came down with pneumonia … and now, I’m way better!”

Smiling radiantly, she continued, “I think every scene speaks to where I am as a performer, but especially to who I am, in person. This is probably the most introspective movie that I have ever done in my entire career, and I hope to really push some envelopes, blur some lines and have some fantastic sex! It’s, like, two of my favorite things: art and fucking, together. So, I mean, every single day … I can’t tell you if I’m looking forward to one scene more than another. It’s like Christmas. Every scene is a gift!”

She sashayed across the dressing room, checking in on her co-stars and helping them into their snug outfits. “Today, we’re doing a huge ‘Cirque du Sex.’ That’s another thing! Every scene has a title, and today’s is ‘Cirque du Sex.’ Usually, I say, ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys.’ But today, it is definitely my circus, my monkeys!”

Describing her role for the coming attraction, Drake revealed, “I was originally a tight rope walker, and we decided instead to make me an aerialist with the lyra hoop. So, I’m going to be hanging on for dear life to that hoop. And, we’re going to have Angela White as the ‘strong woman’ and Anikka Albrite as my ‘ringmaster.’” Here, she made a whipping noise, alluding to the leathery tool of sadistic pleasure that Albrite later wielded. “She looks incredible!” Indeed, the fitter-than-ever Albrite was sheer magic in her garb … and outside of it.

“I have Abella Danger as ‘the cat,’ we have Brandy Aniston as the really ‘erotic clown,’ which is going to be fantastic, and Vicki Chase is the ‘sword swallower!’” she added, before gushing, “I just can’t wait to get my hands on everybody.”

Pressed to distinguish this showcase from her other works, Drake explained, “Well, you know, it’s been a few years since I’ve done any other showcase movie. I think this would be distinguished from other showcases, in general, in that I have an integral role in making sure that it’s exactly what I want it to be. It reflects my personality, reflects me as a performer and fulfills some of the fantasies that I have yet to fulfill, in my amazingly fortunate career.

“I think, for me, being in a situation like the circus, where I have so many amazingly strong, empowered women in a big group scene … is something that is always on my mind,” she elaborated. “It’s one of my favorite things to do. Everyone that is a fan of me knows I love group scenes. You’re going to see a lot of group scenes in this movie. And I’m really looking forward to the trans scene, because this is something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time.”

About the trans showcase, which features XBIZ Award-winning talent like Aubrey Kate, Venus Lux and Domino Presley, Drake relayed, “Well, it’s a first on camera for me. Venus Lux is a good friend of mine. I was introduced to Domino Presley a few years ago when Wicked Sensual Care was sponsoring the trans awards. I’ve always been a fan of Aubrey Kate’s, since she came into the business. I couldn’t think of better girls to do that scene with, and I can’t wait!”

Leaning in close with a seductive glance, Drake whispered, “You know what I like about the idea of the scene? It’s that, sometimes, we get really caught up in linear scenes — you know what to expect, whether it’s broadcasting requirements or being directed as a performer. You know it’s going to be foreplay, kissing, position, pop! But in the scene called ‘Beauty,’ I have no idea what to expect. I have no clue what’s going to happen. And really, that’s the case with almost every scene in this movie. I have no idea, so we have an element of surprise. I’m just going to go with what I want to do!”

Off she went, then, for glamour stills on the elaborate circus set — which, from the vivid imagination of Armstrong, sprang forth in a motley of stringed-up lights, luminous pinwheels, knife-throwing implements, massive weights for strong woman White to lift — which she did, most impressively, holding up a barbell ‘neath her enormous breasts in a hilarious moment of improvisation during her glamour shoot — and various elevated platforms, as well as a large cage for Danger, the feral feline. Dramatic music played bewitchingly from stereos, setting the mood for a carnival fit to rival Carnaval.

Circling around the huge set, Armstrong barked commands at the cast and crew. Then, ducking away, he told XBIZ, “Today is the first day of Jessica’s showcase DVD. She is doing a whole bunch of cool scenes and we figured we should start off with a bang. Also, I needed a bunch of time to prep this set, so I figured I would make this early — so I’m not burned out! We’re going to have the ‘Cirque du Sex’ today, featuring some of the top performers in the industry along with Jessica, and we’re going to have a little ‘circus pussy-fest.’”

Asked what will elevate this project from similar ones, Armstrong said, “She has actually never done a true showcase, so she’s been bugging me forever. She was like, ‘Asa’s done two! It’s time.’ I was like, ‘Alright, alright.’ Jessica, you know, definitely has a different outlook on the business and sexuality, especially since she’s been doing her seminars, instructionals and stuff. She’s kind of, definitely for her, pushing the envelope as far as what she has done in the past, what is, in general, accepted sexual pairings. It should be a fun and interesting shoot. New for me, new for her. I’m looking forward to it!”

Admiring his handiwork on the set, the director underscored what went into its craftsmanship. “I pretty much had a vision of what it was going to look like. It was essentially your standard circus. We’ve got a bunch of cool props, each girl has her own character and her prop that goes with it, that kind of thing.”

Previewing the upcoming scenes for the one-week shoot, Armstrong offered, “We have, next up, the original sin scene, which is the Adam and Eve biting of the apple. You know, the first-ever boy/girl in human history, basically. I’m transforming my backyard into a Garden of Eden, which is half done now and we will finish the rest tomorrow on our day off. We have Jessica’s climbing the corporate ladder scene where she’s going to indulge in some exciting times with her coworkers. We got a blowbang for that. Then, we have the trans scene, which is kind of a highly stylized avant garde photoshoot. We’ve got some badass outfits for that, make the girls look especially pretty.

“And then, last but not least, the tattoo clan is coming into the picture with Jessica as the naughty teacher, and they are in detention,” he continued. “So, they’re all in their prep school gear. See, I once did a movie called ‘Dirty Little Secrets,’ and everybody in the prep school gear is so sexy. It’s one of my favorite boxes I’ve ever done, and I pulled from that.” He whipped out a photo on his phone, showing off the “Pretty Little Liars”-inspired artwork. “I’m trying to figure out what the cover will be like, because we’re kind of hitting so many niche markets.”

Popping around the corner, Drake added, “We’re basically doing all of my fantasies I have ever wanted to do. All in one place.”

At that moment, covered in a sheen of sweat from her weightlifting exertions, White sauntered by. The 2016 XBIZ Foreign Female Performer of the Year, stitched up in a black-and-white suit like something out of a dime store novel (albeit decidedly more buxomly feminine than the typical strong man), seized the opportunity to shed light on her involvement with the showcase. “Well, Brad actually asked me to be involved,” White cooed. “I heard that it was going to be a six-girl orgy, which obviously I am excited to do. I did not realize, in the beginning, when I agreed to it, that it was such a big showcase!

“When I was sent the cast list, I had a look at the other scenes and was, like, ‘Wow!’” she confessed. “This is a groundbreaking showcase. And for such a big mainstream star like Jessica Drake to be doing something that pushes the boundaries of what people are doing in pornography is such a big deal. As everybody knows, Jessica is an amazing performer, but she’s also a sex educator. She’s a great ambassador to the industry … she’s always been sex-positive, but this is taking that to another level. The inclusivity of this release is mind-blowing for such a big mainstream star.”

With an aura of reverent gravitas, White opined, “This has the potential to change people’s views on certain gender types, and stereotypes and sexuality. So, for me, it was already exciting and I’m honored to be involved in anything to do with Jessica Drake and Wicked and Brad Armstrong. But, to then find out that this showcase is going to be so groundbreaking was just … amazing. Especially with, you know, my background in gender studies that’s an interest of mine. I was like, ‘Wow! Fantastic.’ It’s always great to be a part of a release that you’re excited to promote, and you’re excited to put out in the world.”

Adopting the expression of a minx, she teased, “Then, just getting back to the sex, I get to have sex with Jessica Drake, which I’ve never done! I’m very excited. I’ve always wanted to be with Vicki Chase, so now is my opportunity. I’ve had great sex with Anikka Albrite, many times. Abella Danger, of course. And Brandy Aniston is going to be a bundle of fun. It’s really going to be just an amazing scene.”

As for her role, White remarked, “I’m the strong woman, which I’m very happy to be cast as a strong woman. I do identify as a strong, independent woman, as a business owner and as a feminist. So, to be the strong woman, I’m like, ‘Yes! That fits me.’”

Pointing out her weightlifting trick with the barbell earlier, White chuckled good-naturedly. “That wasn’t planned!” she admitted. “So, I was doing my pretty girl photos and just posting with the barbell, you know, lifting it up and using my biceps … when I was like, ‘I wonder … my boobs can do some amazing things! I wonder if they can lift this barbell.’ And yeah, I put the barbell underneath my breasts, and it worked!

“So, my boobs are like the freak show boobs,” she jested, eliciting laughter from the makeup artist and several crew members. “Circus tits! In this context, it’s okay to call them freak show boobs. That will be an interesting little photo.”

Nearby, Albrite had wriggled out of her ringmaster gear, which included a scarlet jacket with lengthy coattails, sparkling black knee-high boots and a dashing feathered tophat. Looking absolutely magnificent in her naked splendor, Albrite unabashedly fussed with her hair, exposing her perky-yet-ample breasts, her cake-for-days derriere and her delightfully tanned complexion. More than a few eyes from passersby transfixed on her five-alarm physique.

Beaming with her signature warmth and kindly sapphiric eyes, Albrite shared how she joined the Drake showcase. “My wonderful agent Mark Spiegler contacted me and said Brad wanted me for Jessica’s movie!” exclaimed the starlet. “The moment he said, ‘Jessica,’ I was like, ‘I’ll do it!’ As you can see, I’m the ringmaster of the circus. I have this awesome coat and a bullwhip and a top hat! So, I get to bring out that side of me. And, I’m really looking forward to all of the beautiful women. I was trying to figure out who I was going to work with first, because they’re all so gorgeous.”

One such gorgeous co-star was sexy clown Brandy Aniston, whose face was painted with an entertaining assortment of whimsical shapes and striking colors. Sidling up, she expressed, “Brad and I are like family at this point. So, you know, he kind of calls me when there’s a cool part to do, and he asked me if this was something I would be interested in, and I did this clown makeup for my website, so he saw a photo of me and wanted to recreate it! So, basically, I am the clown in an all-girl orgy scene with an amazing cast I’m super excited about. I don’t really know exactly what we’re doing. I just know I’m the clown, haha.”

As for what she most eagerly anticipated, Aniston said, “I’m looking forward to the girls, are you kidding?! It’s just a stellar cast, between Anikka and Jessica and Angela … Abella … Vicki … everyone is just incredible. I’m so honored to be here. And I’ve worked with Brad on so many productions. Some of my favorites have been Brad’s movies. Like, ‘Rocky Whore’ was my very first Wicked with them, and then ‘Sexy’ was my absolute favorite that I did. It’s kind of similar to this. We did a five-girl orgy, and a big dance production. It was really cool, and with very similar costumes.”

In the distance, Danger bickered playfully with the makeup artist, fussing over her feline getup to make sure everything was just right ... black lipstick, she pointed out, might create a bit of a mess when she makes out with all the various lips. Sporting adorable whiskers, jaguar ears and a purr-fectly spotted skintight outfit, with a tail curving around her marvelous ass, the 2016 XBIZ Best New Starlet posed in front of a mirror. Asked how she was recruited into the “Cirque du Sex,” Danger said, “I don’t know! I was one of the lucky girls that she happened to choose. We’ve had sex once before, so I guess that means she liked it, I don’t know! I’m really happy that I get to be here, though. She’s always such a pleasure to be with. It should be a fun day, along with fucking Anikka and Angela … all of them. I’m a very exotic beast today. So, basically, I’m playing myself.”

This is not her first rodeo with Armstrong, however. “I had a role in ‘DNA,’” Danger added. “I was a clone. It was really cool. So that was the orgy that I did with Jessica. Brad is so nice, and he pays so much attention to detail. And he’s fun. He’s a cool guy. I’ve worked with all of these girls before, except Brandy. Yeah, I get around. I’m a fucking slut!”

Quietly strolling by after her glamour shoot, Vicki Chase introduced herself. “I was invited by Brad himself,” she said. “So, very honored and happy to be here. I’m the sword swallower at the circus and this outfit is pretty cool. Brad, I hear, is the mastermind and yes, he makes amazing costumes. This one is awesome. It has feathers, a feathered skirt, a feathered top thing that comes off. This corset with red velvet and lace. It’s just so sexy.”

As far as her sword swallowing, and whether or not any blades (or other long-shafted objects) would be getting deepthroated, Chase remarked, “I’m sure there are trick swords, but they picked me because I’m pretty talented at deepthroating. It’s a silver sword. There’s a few of them, actually.” She unsheathed one of the blades and it glinted in the lamplight.

“I’m in awe of the set,” she confided, spinning around and taking it all in. “It’s amazing. I can’t wait to get in front of the camera, with all these amazing women that I will be working with. I’m just so happy, I’m over the moon to work with Jessica. I think this is my second time being in an orgy with her, but I’m just even more in awe of her. Just how amazing and trailblazing she is, not just her but also Brad and Wicked. I’m very happy and humbled to be here among them.”

As the ladies gathered for group pictures, Renaissance man David Lord was laser-focused on a computer screen, his fingers flicking across the keyboard. Peering up, with his trademark gruffness and man-of-few-words mannerisms, Lord offered, “It’s an honor and privilege to work with Jessica and Brad on Jessica’s showcase, even if it is a support role.” Asked for his specific job title, Lord slyly muttered, “Production manager … basically, ‘Set Bitch!’”

And among the dozen or so crew members under his purview that day, Lord was in the company of renowned lensmen Barrett Blade and Alex Ladd, who jointly won the 2017 XBIZ Award for Best Cinematography, due to their expert prowess in Armstrong’s “DNA.”

Looking every bit the part of a behind-the-scenes adult filmmaker, Blade rocked his earrings and perfectly trimmed beard with a guitarist’s rugged good looks. “I am shooting his camera, giving him all the beautiful art for his movie,” Blade said of his involvement with Armstrong’s latest masterpiece. “Making sure we’re making this above and beyond everybody else’s product right now. I love working for Brad, because I get to go out of the norm, you know?” Whereas other big names might toss Blade the production keys, vanishing for days at a time inexplicably, Armstrong never commits such absentee sins. “A lot of people are just so set on the same old ways, whereas Brad likes to do things completely different,” he praised. “He does what he wants to do, therefore we get to be a lot more creative. I got into this business to be creative, not get stuck in a box. For me, it’s all just visual, whatever I feel like. I want to do it differently than the rest.”

Ladd, who could have easily walked off of a mainstream set with his unassuming down-to-earth vibe and manly fashion sense, graciously took a break from finessing footage to discuss his role that day. “Well, I’ve been working with Brad for about four years now on different projects,” he related. “Luckily, Brad just has a liking for me, so he calls me every time he does a production like this. I mean, it’s a pleasure and a joy to still be doing movies of a high caliber, as opposed to low-budget, single days … the little things. Don’t get me wrong though, they’re cool, but this is special. I love it. It’s a challenge and it’s beautiful. It’s an amazing film we got going.

“I’m the camera guy today, to put it simply,” he continued. “Me and Barrett always share that, so I can’t just take credit. We always get different things. One of us gets the wide shot, the other gets the close up, and we kind of just bounce around. Today’s a particular challenge because there’s six girls. That’s tough, because they're all kind of just doing their own thing and getting into it — don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome thing to be involved with, but it’s just a challenging for the camerawork. But we’re doing the best we can, trying to capture the moment. It’s more of a sports photography than anything else. You kind of just go with it, and see what’s the best you can do.”

Leaping back into the maelstrom, Ladd and Blade readied themselves for the coming melee of Sapphic splendor. Climbing up a ladder, one of the crew seized a large spotlight, swinging its glaring beam from side to side as the cast came to life.

“And … let’s get you in the mood … action!” Armstrong thundered, his voice commanding and crisp. The girls, beaming with excitement, strutted to attention, finishing their delightful chatter. They posed animatedly as their characters in pairings consisting of White with Aniston, Chase with Drake and Albrite with Danger. The spotlight ceased its drunken splashes across the backdrop to illumine Drake front and center. Her back rested upon the base of the lyra while Chase inched closer. The sword swallower made quick use of her weaponry, sensually rubbing the sparkling silver sword against the inside of Drake’s thigh.

To the left, petite and pretty Aniston gleefully tongued at White’s perky nipples. Their lips met briefly, while Aniston’s hand ever-so-softly fondled White’s now exposed breasts. To the right, Albrite played up her ringmaster persona with aplomb, pressing the untamed Danger back against her cage, groping hands exploring her animal-printed bodysuit.

A moment of silence fell across the set, as the girls devoured each other in earnest. Albrite, sprawled now on the round scarlet podiums, writhed in ecstasy under Danger’s skillful ministrations. Her jacket was soon discarded, carelessly tossed to the ground.

“I didn’t say you could take your clothes off!” Armstrong boomed, though his lips were twisted up in a bemused grin. “I didn’t spend all this time designing these outfits so you could just take them off instantly!”

Albrite moaned, “But, I’m cumming!” Nonetheless, the maestro waltzed on-set to touch up Drake’s quirky outfit, laughing. “I don’t care if you’re cumming!” he chided. “That jacket comes back on!”

Giggles erupted from the girls, as well as the crew. Stepping back off the set and safely hidden behind the bright lights and wires, Armstrong called for action again. He hit play on the laptop squared away to the side of the stage, triggering carousel-themed music to set the mood.

Given free reign for a solid 15 minutes, the starlets naturally orchestrated a sight that was glorious to behold. Aniston dropped to her knees, convincing White to bend over, so she could tend to her waiting pussy whilst on all fours. Drake, floating above them all, gripped the lyra to hold herself up, legs acrobatically wrapped about either side of Chase’s shoulders. Danger, in a surprising bout of strength, lifted Albrite to flip her over and lay her against one of the three cylindrical platforms.

Drake, an expert in the art of lascivious choreography, steadied herself in a new position on her knees as Chase, heavenly ass fully exposed to the camera, helped the Wicked girl spread her legs, fingers outlining the sparkly pink buttplug. She toyed with Drake’s anal accoutrement, and proceeded to stuff her face with the aerialist’s throbbing cunt.

“It’s an all out pussy-eating fest,” Armstrong joked aloud, watching with obvious delight as the ladies tended to each other exuberantly. Then, amidst a growing chorus of groans heralding coital ecstasy, he halted the production to distribute a myriad of toys — ranging from ribbed dildos to strap-ons painted in various vibrant colors.

The starlets eagerly took their pick, then amassed in the very center of the circus for the main event, where pairings dissolved into a molten skin-on-skin jumble emitting lilting sighs. Drake maintained her rightful position as the erotic nucleus within an atomic orbit of sweat-drenched limbs and pulsating holes.

Like eagle-eyed birds of prey, Ladd and Blade wielded their cameras dexterously, swooping in on the action with well-honed instincts. They jostled the settings on their gadgetry as Chase deftly slid a red-colored dildo into Drake’s liquid vadge. Then, the two ladies interlocked in a scissoring position, bodies grinding in unison like love-starved harlots. “Yeah, hit me!” Drake moaned, her voice purring from deep within her throat. “I'm going to come all over that fucking pussy!” Enticed by the nearby commotion, Danger leaned in for a kiss.

“Pussy this way!” Armstrong instructed, pointing his finger behind his shoulder. He signaled for the cameramen to zoom in and directed the girls, sporting dildos in their asses, to focus for stills. Then, he called Aniston over, securing a strap-on harness snugly onto her slender body.

Hair slick and plastered to their faces, the performers smiled incandescently, clearly humming with pleasure. Armstrong arranged them into new positions and then vanished into the shadows, allowing the girls to take control again. With minimal verbal commands from Armstrong peppering them, the starlets took turns ravishing each other with dildos. Blade and Ladd captured each moment, maneuvering themselves around one another like dueling fencers. “Give me that shit, yes!” Chase shouted, demanding that Aniston fuck her with the strap-on more fiercely.

Shafts of sunlight burned orange, as the hours vanished into twilight, and the production soon drew to a close. Armstrong called cut one last time, Danger’s discarded cat ears playfully perched upon his head, and he set up the final shot, instructing the girls to gather ‘round superstar and co-mastermind Drake. Regally reclining, naked and unabashed, she struck a queen-like pose, splayed before her loyal subjects, who cooed, ready to grant her every wish.

Soon enough, the lust-drunk lasses sauntered off-set to get cleaned up and dressed in comfy clothes. Proudly gazing at the uncut footage, Armstrong mused, “What on earth was I thinking, having six girls together? Crazy directors. Everything was beautiful, good energy. They started to get cock-drunk without any cock, near the end there … but everything looked good. Pretty much what we envisioned, and fun was had by all!”

Drake, no less stunning in her now casual garb, brushed back a golden strand of hair. “It was amazing!” she celebrated. “It’s probably one of the best all-girl scenes I’ve ever shot. Everybody really brought it, and you know, as soon as you lose track of the camera and you’re not aware of anybody else in the room … it’s fantastic. I love everyone! I came a lot!”

Featured image courtesy of Wicked Pictures and black candi images.

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